Revive the spirit of the place.

We will focus locally to upgrade and enhance services to — and sense of place for — our existing local demographic. Fulfill the community’s desire to have “their” buildings restored with new life. The collective memory and spirit of these places are a source of pride and acute nostalgia. These things build community!

Become a destination for activities beyond the river.

With broad focus we will create new commerce offerings that reflect a fresh, new era for Leakey. The broader offering will satisfy the interests and expectations of our growing second-home community, full-time transplants to the Frio Canyon, and vacationers in search of their next unique and memorable destination. Included in this target are the existing visiting groups and clubs who are familiar with a currently limited array of F&B, shopping, entertainment and lodging options in town. As we build and revitalize our main streets and courthouse square, and focus on placemaking (building community around place), our community’s unique qualities will be enhanced. This gives people a reason to visit, experience something different, and invest.

Strengthen community.

The neighborhood model for development of cities and towns, founded on thousands of years of trial and error, brings people together. We will work to create public places for social interaction. We will program events for music, art, food, wine and other creative interests that draw people from near and far. And we will apply attention and resources to housing. There’s a feeling one gets in great public places; the pure joy that it brings is palpable. As a result, people flock to these places.

Build better infrastructure.

There is nothing like great public places to bring people together, but activating such spaces requires people living and working in proximity. We will build new, thoughtfully designed housing to appeal to the growing demand for relocation from cities to a more rural lifestyle. We also want to target for improvement existing neighborhood homes (the most visible first) to include in the overall housing solution. Population growth and the needs of our seniors and young families will be met with more complete and higher-quality health and medical services. And finally, programs are being developed to help Leakey ISD become the best and highest-rated school in rural Texas.