The thing is… when folks talk about Leakey, they usually reference the past. You will see invisible weight lift from their shoulders as they draw on memories sweetened by time – amber-colored, as if soaked in Tennessee bourbon (the liquid of John Leakey’s home state). In those days, folks came to town to catch up on the news, to watch the passersby, to play dominoes. They sat on cypress stumps in front of the ol’ drug store. And spent lazy afternoons at water’s edge. The Frio ran deeper back then. The characters were colorful… Skeet Willingham and his horse, Nellie; C.B. Pullin and Lulabelle; the Fishers who ran the drug store; Daddy Harvey and Mama Pearl… And there were big celebrations! The 4th of July parade, the street dance… all the townsfolk and visitors together.

It’s nice to look back. To hear the stories. They help us know the place, and they carry us into the future.